Security Surveillance Camera Solutions
  Security cameras we offer for closed circuit television (CCTV) use a special computer chip called a CCD. These chip security cameras are less expensive and more dependable than their tube counterparts and produce a much better picture. These factors have made the use of CCTV more affordable and practical for a wider variety of applications than before.

Our Security Cameras are of high quality and uses only Sony, Panasonic, or Sharp CCD chips.
CSoftNet BizWatch Remote Access feature enables you to view live and recorded video from any high speed internet connection. Our built-in Web Server ensures that you can connect from any system using a Web Browser and eliminating the need to install additional software.
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CSoftNet BizWatch system supports a variety of recording modes, alarms, schedules and notifications. Features like Continuous Recording and Motion detected recording can be quickly achieved by customizing the sensitivity levels of individual security cameras.