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CSoftNet provides automation solutions that are currently in demand, to help our clients to improve their efficiency, productivity, wastage and safety. Our automation solutions have had a notable impact in a wide range of highly visible industries beyond manufacturing. It minimizes the need for human intervention and eliminates any illegal activities performed by employees at their factory.


Application Areas

Inventory Control

Stock Movement

Time Management


Access Control

Work In Progress

Shop Floor Data Capture

Tools Store Management  and more..

Data Capturing Software

Data Capturing Modules from Electronics handle a broad range of analog and digital remote I/O and delivers the data over Serial (RS232/RS422/RS485), Ethernet, USB or wireless connections. Compact, affordable modules fit a variety of applications to monitor sensors and control processes or equipment


Time & Attendance Solutions

Finger Scan

Smart Card / ID Card


Barcode Solution

Integrated Data Collection Solutions for all inventory, warehouse, sales and purchasing transactions, which minimizes the data entry time, maximizes the operational accuracy & eliminating the need to perform posting paperwork.