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CSoftNet eEnterprise   Turning Your Business into an eBusiness

The Internet and eBusiness is transforming the way we do business. At CSoftNet, we recognize that the explosive growth of the digital economy has created enormous opportunities and challenges for organizations. We also understand that the success on the Internet requires much more than a Web Site. To achieve a competitive advantage in the new digital economy, your organization  needs to "integrate all systems and operations with the internet" and focus your entire enterprise on your customer. CSoftNet eEnterprise offers you a comprehensive business performance solution for building eBusiness into your entire organization from Front Office operations such as finance, distribution and manufacturing.


CSoftNet eEnterprise delivers a comprehensive line up of proven, flexible business performance solutions to e-enable your business.

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The Internet is becoming a revolutionary as the telephone. It is transforming the way our customers and suppliers want to do business with us. Because customers and suppliers are demanding to share information and do business over the Internet, they are becoming eCustomers and eSuppliers. As a result, it is known as eBusiness, engaging in commerce and service over the Internet is no longer a discussion just for technologists. For business decision makers it is now a matter of survival, it has gone down to the question of when rather than if.


The answer is e by CSoftNet. CSoftNet eEnterprise  provides leading edge, user friendly applications for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations. These solutions allow eCustomers and eSuppliers to work interactively with your employees, sharing information using a browser and conducting business using integrated eBusiness solutions.